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So what would best describe me? I really doubt if my age/gender/profession would pique any sort of interest. So I rather left it to some of my few close friends to write a few words about me. This way you can know me better and of course I get the self adulation without blowing my own trumpet explicitly.(Aha! Narcism at it's best) Here are those testimonials verbatim.


Met him first in high school through a common friend, then became best friends in college...used to feel like he is stealing my thoughts word by ki philosophy aur apun ki philosophy used to be..bole to akdam...mirror image...we had had longggg discussions about everything in this world...batiyane me ustad...big fan of sports (specially cricket), music and (may be) computer (pet ka sawal hain:) ka bas chale to sirf music ki duniya me kho jaye. Bajane me expert..i'mean logo ki nahi;)...par guitar aur keyboard...shayari aur music is ke khoon me hain...always cheerful..ready 2 help..apun ka Ritto bole to..dosto ka dost..aur dushmano ka bhi dost..people around him can't help but love him.. - Piyush

Apna ritto bole to ek dum shayarana mizaaz aur tevar. Apun ko bahut baar lagne ka ki bhidu apna ghalib ki tarah sochta hai(chane ke jhaad pe nahi chadne ka kya ritto haan..hehe!!). Bole to ritto kaisa hai na ek dum ulti khopdi ka praani..lekin phir ek din shveta aayi ..haha!..Ritto ka dil chakkar kha gaya...truck ke saath takkar kha gaya. Ek dum mast banda hai ritto, bole to life mein uska ek funda hai...sala joke maarte rehne ka aur sabko saala hansaate rehne ka. Aur tapori ko cricket ka khatarnaak bukhar chadta hai...Guru ne khoob paise kamaaye hote cricket satte mein lekin yeh sab buri aadat nahi bhidu ko. Aur ek baar bhidu ki khopdi mein kuch ghus gaya na to phir uske peeche pad jata hai full throttle mein. Aur gaane par to bhidu ki duniya tikeli hai...sala kahan se gaane dhundke lata hai. Apna song DBA hai..baaki oracle ka pata nahi :)
Life mein sahi funde hain apne bhidu ke. Ek dum bindaas dost,kabhi kisi cheez ki jaroorat ho to apne bhidu bina bole hi sab kar deta hai. All the best hai guru always!!!
- Nikunj

Ritesh is the coolest guy on this universe. He is one of those few guys who will know you inside out. He is an optimist. One of his traits in the past was a nag of challenging himself, testing whether he can perform in pressure situations, and he always came out with flying colors. He is the one with whom you can share the joy and it will multiply and your worries will vanish. He is intelligent, an excellent Shayar, has in depth knowledge and understands music, is passionate about cricket and Shahrukh. In short he is a wonderful person - Amrish

The reality check guy .. keeps you on ground with his subjective thinking and plain simple logic. Anger and irritation are far from this guy as he can remain calm almost with a volcanic eruption in the background - Santy